My name is Jaime Palacín, and I am the founder of Nevada Guides. My company takes its guests on hiking, trekking, mountain biking and high climbing tours and excursions of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and its surroundings. I want to give you the opportunity of enjoying its natural park’s, mountains, lakes and fauna as well as experiencing its incredible villages hanging in the cliffs, and the people who live there.

I am passionate about what I do and I have earned the title of Mountain Sports Technician after more than ten years’ leading people in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and Granada areas.

Nevada Guides is registered in the Delegation of Tourism and Commerce of Granada with the registration number AT/GR/00148; this means that we comply with all legal obligations, and all our professionals have the necessary training for all activities that we have available.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the Sierra Nevada Mountains as much as I do! Please take a look at our activities and get in touch. Best regards Jaime.

  • Qualified proffesionals. Nevada Guides is registered with the Delegation of Tourism and Commerce of Granada with the registration number AT/GR/00148. All our professionals have the training necessary for the completion and putting into practice each and every one of the activities offered.

  • Liability insurance. Nevada Guides has SRC(Liability Insurance) so that all our clients are covered during transfers and putting into practice any activity.

  • Transfers from and to Granada. To fully enjoy the activities, we take you from Granada to the starting point of any route and back.